Refund / Replace Policy


Refund / Replace will be acceptable for –

  1. If we can’t complete any order in 7 days ( Except for a few )
  2. If we provide any account and you can not access it.


Refund / Replace will be not acceptable for –

  1. If you use it a few times of any account/product.
  2. After fulfilling the requirements / provide proves of service and make ready the product/service then if you want to cancel the order.
  3. There is no Refund / Replace after 30 days from your purchase. ( For Reviews )
  4.  If you bought any account and did not follow our guidelines of use and get blocked.
  5.  If you successfully logged in any account.

NB: Change All Passwords,  if you buy any account from us. ( It’s your security )

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