Refund / Replace Policy


Refund / Replace will be acceptable for –

  1. If we can’t complete any order in 7 days ( Except for a few )
  2. If we provide any account and you can not access it.


Refund / Replace will be not acceptable for –

  1. If you use it a few times of any account/product.
  2. After fulfilling the requirements / provide proves of service and make ready the product/service then if you want to cancel the order.
  3. There is no Refund / Replace after 30 days from your purchase. ( For Reviews )
  4.  If you bought any account and did not follow our guidelines of use and get blocked.
  5. If you use account for carding and stripe account blocked.
  6. If you your account blocked for card issue.
  7.  If you get Blocked account and if we can replace the account.
  8.  If you successfully logged in any account.

NB: Change All Passwords,  if you buy any account from us. ( It’s your security )

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